Pugs are a very rare breed of dogs. They have a short-muzzled, wrinkly face and a very cute curled tail. The fawn or black-colored skin is wrapped around the square muscular body.

The height is usually 10 inches to 1 foot. They weigh around 14 to 18 pounds and have a lifespan of 12 to 15 human years. They have a social and loyal personality, making this squish face most popular among the dog breeds. Pugs are always treated as the most lovable dogs.

It is believed that the Pug’s name is derived from Latin word, which means fist because the face looks like a human fist. They weigh no more than 20 Pounds and they have deep distinctive wrinkles. It is believed that they were highly-prized by the Chinese, on the basis of their wrinkles present on their face. Since that time, they are symbolised as prized possession.

It is not surprising, how often we see pugs roaming around the streets of Hollywood, a celebrity with this cute faced breed in their pictures, an important member of the royal families and more people owning them. It is evident that mostly dignified people look into the ownership of this one of the oldest breed. However, it’s interesting to list down the characteristics of pugs, to know why they are your best companions.

Oldest and the Most-Liked Breed

They are said to be the most ancient breed. Their origin is linked with China, somewhere before 400 BC, where the monks used to keep them as pets in their Tibetan monasteries. In the past, pugs were treated with all the luxuries of royal life, by Empress of China. They were also given their separate Royal palaces and sometimes with their exclusive guards.

Queen Victoria from the U.K. royal family was the top dog admirer and she loved pugs. Her love for this breed led to the ban of the practice that led to the cropping of the dog’s ears. Its owners got to enjoy their dogs’ velvety ears in all their glory.

Compact Size

Pugs are little dogs and prove to be great house pets. You don’t necessarily need a huge yard for them to run around. Your pug will most likely prefer the indoors mostly than the outdoors. To maintain their compact size pugs always like to be trimmed as they feel light and clean, even look cute.

A pug’s compact size can make it extremely easy for you to take him to the park for a stroll or take him anywhere with you if you can’t leave it alone at your home. Bigger dogs come with bigger set of responsibilities as they are really heavy; they need to be trained and they can be dangerous. A pug is nothing like that and in fact it is completely the opposite.

Before you plan to own a dog, ask yourself if you are ready to spare a wide space for the big sized? Or the one called a lot of dog, in small package – a Pug.

Loveable Features

The head of a pug is short muzzled and round with a deeply wrinkled forehead and face. Pugs are a beautiful breed. They have a unique look and this breed is highly sought out by many people. A pug is a small bulky dog with a face that is so adorable and you can’t help but fall in love with your pug the second you get it.

Though pugs are brachycephalic, which means that their noses are pushed in more compared to other dogs. While being cute the smashed face can lead to some breathing problems, which is why you might hear a snuffling noise while the pug is running around. However, all the pug owners can register in the most interactive community Ask Pauly for tips and solutions and can get information about many pug-related health issues within the community itself.

Charming Personality

Pugs as pets are excellent due to their adaptable personality. These dogs are always ready to have fun, whether outdoors or they remain indoors. Their personality is amazingly adaptive. Pugs were bred to be companions; their favourite place is right next to your side.

Pugs are known for being very social and yet so gentle. Pugs being called the companion dog reflects much over the innate nature of craving affection from its owner and feel extremely low if their faithfulness is not reciprocated. Pugs love to cuddle. If you are looking for a dog which can bond easily with you, then pug is the best option. Sometimes calm and dignified. They will follow you pretty much everywhere and are always eager to play.

Full of Energy

Although pugs are an indoor pet dog but they are full of energy to enjoy daily outdoor activities and walks for exercise. For good health pugs might take one or two hours walk in order to keep them strong and healthy. Although pugs cannot tolerate harsh weather conditions. When exposed to extreme heat pugs get affected easily by heat stroke. These cute pets need careful watch and care in order to leave them energised at all times.

They are Loyal

Pugs are very loyal. If you become a good owner and earn the trust of the pug, it can be an unbelievably loyal dog. Pugs can go out of their way to protect you and will even go out of their way in stopping any real threat.

Good Hygiene

They are cleanliness conscious themselves by nature. The only thing that needs to be taken care of are their facial wrinkles. They need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

Easy to Train

Pugs are slightly easy to train, when they are in full energetic and jovial mood. Although their moody nature can also make it difficult to train according to your plan. Affection is the key here.

Funny with good sense

These dogs live for fun which is the secret to their enduring popularity. A pug is a playful, comical dog that enjoys living it up and delights his owner with silly antics. They are sometimes playful and sometimes clownish. Pugs are always sturdy and stable, good humoured and amiable.

Friendly and Not Mischievous

Pugs’ friendly nature makes them excellent door greeters. They will be the happiest. This friendly nature of them is the reason for them to behave nicely with other pet animals too. This tells us that they are not one of the dogs that are involved in a lot of mischief and jealousy. Pugs are usually known as the ideal house dogs as they are always happy and friendly with people around but mostly kids, so it can become your child’s best companion.