10 Most Common Nightmares and What Their Meanings Are (1)

We all spend a third of our lives sleeping and we all dream of both good and of bad things but what are the real deep hidden meanings of our nightmares?

10- Betrayal of a Loved One

Dreaming of a being betrayed by your loved one can have several meanings. These do not alway connect with actual cheating by your partner. It is most likely about feeling abandoned or alienated by someone close to you, maybe even family and friends maybe because they are concentrating their time on something else so you feel cheated of their time. However if you are already suspicious of infidelity, that concern will manifest itself in your subconscious.
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9- Dying
It is very common to have dreams end in death but it is not necessarily a sign of death or a bad omen. Dreams about death can represent rebirth, maybe an old part of your life is finishing, making room new beginnings. Dreams of tombs or graves often represent a concern that a part of you has ceased to exist. But as we get older in years dreams of death is simply your subconscious accepting mortality and the inevitable conclusion to life.
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8- Failing a Test
This is one of the most common dreams especially for students at the end of term, worried that they will be given an exam that they have not prepared for. The simple explanation is that exams and tests are very stressful in real life which make them a perfect target for your subconscious.
According to experts, dreaming of failing a test in a dream is connected to the actual stress of failing tests in the future, anxiety that you have failed test taken recently or regret that you have not performed as well as you could have on a test taken. Being unprepared for a tests in dreams could also represent fears that you do not feel prepared for the challenges in your life ahead.
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7- Being Trapped or Stuck
If your dreams are about being trapped or unable to move might connect to your real-life situation of being trapped or stuck in a relationship or in job or career. In extremes you might feel like you are unable to dream, or you have lost the capability to breathe or move. Often this is linked to the frustrations you are feeling in your real life. Dreaming of being trapped could also represent your feeling of having no power because of situations out of your control.
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6- Being Lost
Experts explain that dreaming about being lost or trying to find something lost is common when we suffer anxiety, confusion or frustration, or simply a sense that you feel you do not fit in. It is anxiety about your current life situation, starting a new job, or maybe a new neighborhood and the ability to make new friends.
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5- Tooth Loss
Dreaming about losing your teeth is quite common with a variety of meanings. According to experts it indicates anxiety or possibly depressiion. It can also indicate feelings of helplessness and lack of control over your everyday life or simply that you are getting older and feeling mortal.

4- Being Injured
Dreaming about being injured or wounds have a variety of meanings depending on the diferent situations. Being hurt in a dream can connect to a real life situation of feel powerless. Self-inflicted injuries could relate to worries that you could intentionally or accidentally damage your own efforts. If you dream that somebody else is hurting you it might be linked to a situation that you feel cut off or kept down.
If you dream that you are able to treat your own wound or defend yourself against attack it is to be considered a positive sign, suggesting you can deal with a situation concerning you. It can also be connected to a recovering from a physical injury or may even represent emotional pain.
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3- Being partially or completely naked in public
This dream is quite common when we doze-off. It indicates vulnerability, shamefulness, or could symbolize being caught off guard or unprepared. In some cases it can mean you feel exposed in front of people you are trying to impress. It can also mean a sense of inferiority and fear that other people find you to be transparent. If you dream of being partially or completely naked in public but nobody notices you and you are not worried about being naked shows that you have high self-esteem and proud of who you are.
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2- Being Chased
Sigmund Freud concluded the one of the most common nightmare people have is being chased by monsters or scary people. Freud thought these dreams represent specific sexual fears which was not surprising as he thought everything was connected to sex. However in more modern interpretations it is suggested that being chased is a metaphor for insecurity. The THING that is chasing you in you is an part of yourself that you have not yet come to terms with. It could also mean that you feel worried or maybe threatened by your own insecurities, or feelings of envy, anger, hate or fear.
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1- Falling
The most common dream is of having a sensation of falling or slipping. It was rumored by some that if you hit the ground in a falling dream you will die in real life but this is completely untrue. According to experts, loosing balance or slipping in a dream may be caused by a change in blood pressure when you enter into unconsciousness. Movement in the inner-ear fluid, which helps control balance could be another factor in falling dreams. Some other meanings of falling include a fear of loss of control, feeling like your life is not in control or somehow you life is not in balance. It is quite possible that our dreams of falling could be related to our distant ancestry, after all we were once apes living in trees to avoid predation by bigger more powerful animals.
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10 Most Common Nightmares and What Their Meanings Are