10 Awesome Things That Really Exist

Wouldn’t it be great if you could make a crazy idea you had into reality? Well there are some folk out there who did just that and the results are totally amazing. So check out our list of 10 awesome things that really exist.

1. Bacon Taco Shell


Lovely, imagine all the calories in each bite but I bet it’s delicious.

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2. Facebook Ice Cream

facebook icecream

Tastes of bubble gum. So now you know what Facebook tastes like.

3. Beer You Can Spread on Toast


What’s wrong with starting your day with a beer on toast?

4. A Puppy Room

puppy room

Would want to stay there forever.

5. White Tiger Backpack

tiger bag

Wouldn’t have anyone creeping up behind you while wearing this bag.

6. Hamburger Wedding Cake


Was this a wedding party at McDonalds?

7. Golf Cart Hovercraft

golf cart hover cart

I imagine it would be more fun to drive this around the green than actually playing golf.

8. Monster Ice Cream Truck


It sells monster ice creams too, just look at the size of that cone.

9. Gelatinous Refrigerator

geletina fridge

Would be great to fall into this on a hot summers day, just don’t stay too long or you might freeze.

Dragon Back Bag


Is this the coolest bag or what?